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  • Λατομείο πυριτολίθου. Διακρίνονται οι άσπρες φλέβες πυριτολίθου.
  • Λατομείο πυριτολίθου. Διακρίνονται οι άσπρες φλέβες πυριτολίθου.

The excavation of the whetstone because of the rarity and the weakness of automatism, it is done as the old days with manually-operated tools.

The basic tools of the professional stone-finder are the jemmy and the hammer.

The veins that are located should be revealed one by one separately. They removed with dynamites and jackhammers by hands .Firstly we remove the simple rocks from above and then we can see the first vein's surface.

To extract them we light up a fire on the surface of the vein that causes constriction of the whetstone from the rock that is from under.

Then we take the big  blocks of Whetstones that weights from 10 to 40 kilos where and put them in pallets of 1600-1800 kilos that are led to the factory of treatment.

The excavation is always going from the surface to the bottom and never the other way around and it is a very painful procedure.